An Ode to Supply Chain

Man Inspecting Boxes In Warehouse

I wrote this little poem a few years ago while working at Bell Helicopter. Originally posted to my blog “Experiments in Verse.” Slightly edited. If you’re a supply chain professional, I hope it brings a smile to your face.

A backorder and urgent need
The customer won’t wait.
Don’t have time to hold the line
Why do these parts run late?

Supplier says they haven’t made
this part since eighty-one.
But can they get an alternate
or are we stuck with none?

Push the time fence back again
seven more weeks or so.
Please don’t shout, we just found out
There’s two more weeks to go.

Supplier says it shipped – but they
can’t tell us where it went.
So call the clerk and ask the jerk
to what address it was sent.

Can they confirm delivery?
Dropped off on dock today.
Short on time, we cannot find
it – was lost or thrown away?

This is how supply chain works
The job is never done.
Keep it Lean – what do you mean
they need another one?

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