Neterval’s Theorem: The more difficult the job application process is, the more pathetic the job is gonna be. “Difficult” means more hoops one has to jump through in order to complete a job application and/or interview process – i.e 10 years of residence addresses or multiple interviews with various “stakeholders.” “Pathetic” refers to the below […]

At long last, I thought I found a gig with a company that was right up my alley – a third party supplier manager – read: expediter – that helps solve production and supply chain issues at various aerospace manufacturers. I had experience working in roles very similar to this one in the past. “We […]

Originally posted on my blog “Can’t Win for Losing.” Slightly edited. I enjoy a good personality assessment. One that gives me a detailed description of my psychological profile that I can use to direct my career path, determine my goals in life, or help me better understand that which I probably already know – but […]

Originally posted on my light-verse blog “Experiments in Verse.” Slightly edited. Cannot recall how many times he woke up wet and cried. A young boy sleeping at his friend’s – he should have slept outside. Embarrassment envelops him in lightly salted brine. The mattress and the blanket soaked – the pillow case is fine. Now […]

Go to school. Do what you’re told. Don’t question authority. Don’t question the teacher. Don’t question the textbook. Find a safe space. Find a protest. Abandon individual thought. Don’t make waves. Make the grade. Get a degree.  Don’t learn a skill. Don’t learn a trade. Learn about profit. Learn to consume. Get a job. Be […]

My dad is a workaholic. He was born on a farm – where the usual 9 to 5 is actually 5 to 9.  He woke up at the crack of dawn, fed the chickens, milked the cow, drove a tractor – all by the time he was nine years old. He farmed for half his […]

This was a sample I wrote for a gig. I’d like to write more about gambling, but I’m not sure that I have anything to add that wouldn’t already be available elsewhere – and better written. But, if you have an interest in games of chance like I do, then this may be somewhat interesting… […]